FABRIC – Planning as Platform

Christoph Schäfer has been commissioned to organize the planning process for a 13.500 square meter piece of land for the Schöpflin Stiftung in Lörrach. It is a Production of Desires and a Testing-Ground. Check out the details of this exciting new project at Team: Christoph Schäfer (artistic direction), Lisa Marie Zander, Marius Töpfer (architecture), Aline Winchester (project coordinator), […]

Stüdyo Mistranslaşion / Stüdyo Yanlış Çeviri / Booty Carrell / Christoph Schäfer / Cappadox 2016

  “Back in town, in an empty shop-front near the main square (the festival ‘hub’), German artist Christoph Schäfer and his compatriot DJ Booty Carrell created Stüdyo Mistranslasion. While Carrell span records from his extensive collection of Afrofuturism, Turkofuturism and 1970s Anatolian funk, Schäfer painted the walls with an acid dream of mythical creatures and flying […]

›(Earth Tables) Iftar in Yeniköy‹, Die Zeiten, Kunstverein Friedrichshafen, 28.3.-20.4.2014

28. März, 19 h | bis 20. April ›(Earth Tables) Iftar in Yeniköy‹, 2013 eine Zeichnung von Christoph Schäfer Vor ein paar Tagen wies Margit Czenki mich auf eine Passage bei Hannah Arendt hin, die sich in “Macht und Gewalt” auf den Begriff “Public Happiness” bezog, der im 18 Jahrhundert geprägt, und von den amerikanischen […]

Going Public (Istanbul Cook Book)

Can you imagine another country, where people eat together as a form of protest? The Lady next to me smiles while we indulge in shared food in a public Iftar in Yeniköy Park. More than three hundred people have gathered, an hour away from Istanbul centre by metro and minibus. More than half of the […]

Make Bottom Up Funky | Headshrink Public Art | Graz 19|06|2013

Margit Czenki und Christoph Schäfer speak about “Social Sculpture”, “Production of Desires”, Art as Platform, ContainerUni, and discuss all this with the auf´dience More on the Johanneum website.

Works in Collections

Image: Oh no! It’s the Monkeyman! Acrylic on paper, Narula Collection, Delhi

A Portrait of Ulyanovsk, seen through it’s bars and nightclubs

Ulyanovsk Airport, Foto: Christoph Schäfer, November 2010 NOVEMBER 8: I arrive from Moscow in a Saab airplane filled with 25 men and 2 women. While our luggage is packed on a military lorry, I feel like I finally arrived in Russia. Even more so, when a young man in ironed black trousers picks me up […]

Ein Portrait von Ulyanovsk, durch seine Lokale gesehen

Ulyanovsk Airport, Foto: Christoph Schäfer, November 2010  8. November: Ich erreiche Uljanowsk von Moskau aus in einem vollbesetzten Saab-Flieger, gefüllt mit 25 Männern und 2 Frauen. Als auf dem Flugfeld unser Gepäck auf die Ladefläche eines alten Militärlasters verfrachtet wird, bekomme ich das Gefühl, endlich in Russland angekommen zu sein. Umso mehr, als am Flughafen […]

Moscow Diary | 2010

Strolling through Moscow in November, I came across the biggest billboard I have ever seen. The giant timeline is hanging right next to the Kremlin. A panorama of architectures is displayed on it. Neoliberal urban planning mimics stalinist baroque architecture, I learn, and the real estate developers emulate soviet progressivism as well. However, in the […]

Aggressive Cosiness – The Forever Young Pensioners, Ballykinlar, Northern Ireland

Embedded artists vs. interventionist residents It was in the early nineties that I discussed the term “interventionist” for the first time. Curator Sabine B. Vogel had used the term to describe the work of artists she had invited to a group show in the Vienna Secession, Oppositionen & Schwesternfelder. Dan Peterman, Joe Scanlan and the […]

Die Stadt ist unsere Fabrik | Spector Books | 2010

Christoph Schäfer, 304 Seiten, 150 Zeichnungen, deutsch / english, 34 x 23.9 cm, Gestaltung: Ina Kwon, Spector Books Leipzig 2010, Gewicht: 1260 g, ISBN: 978-3-940064-95-0, 28.00 €, “Die Stadt ist unsere Fabrik” rechnet mit Leser_innen, die alles ganz anders lesen als vorgesehen. Es ist kein abgeschlossenes Werk. Es wird performt und verändert und übersetzt. […]

Factory City – MIT Fall Lecture Series “CITY AS STAGE, CITY AS PROCESS”   September 28, 2009. The City is our Factory: Politics of desire and the production of urban spaces between Grande Latte and Park Fiction. In the new urban fabric, subcultures, cultural workers, musicians and artists play a significant role as producers of collective spaces, places shaped by desires; as inventors of new perspectives and […]

Strategic Embellishment

first published in: Fight Specific Isola – Art, Activism and the Future of the City * Abbellimento Strategico – Strategic Embellishment The dream city, as it should be for a dream city, is located on an island; separated from the centre by a train station, in the shadow of a postmodern tower building, outdated already […]

Kunst, Partizipation und die ewigen Werte der Bourgeoisie

Kunst, Partizipation und die ewigen Werte der Bourgeoisie von Christoph Schäfer „We don’t just want a piece of cake – we want the whole fucking bakery“ schmückt – handgeschrieben – die Tür der Schultoilette: Wer in den 1970er Jahren im Ruhrgebiet oder in irgendeinem anderen Teil der westlichen Welt aufwächst, kommt an diesem Slogan nicht […]

Revolution Non Stop | Filminstallation | 2000

Promised Land – Das Versprechen der Stadt 1989

Installation, Christoph Schäfer, Cathy Skene, Diskothek Unit, Talstrasse, Hamburg St. Pauli, 1989 Two rooms, a former separée and an adjoining  lust-bath, secret rooms in the back of the acid house club Unit, were refurbished and equipped with video cameras. The images were transferred onto monitors in the disco, and vice versa, the images from the […]

What did Christoph Schäfer do in the summer of 1978?