FABRIC. Planning as Platform

Christoph Schäfer has been commissioned to organize the planning process for a 13.500 square meter piece of land for the Schöpflin Stiftung in Lörrach. It is a Production of Desires and a Testing-Ground. Check out the details of this exciting new project at http://fabric.place

Team: Christoph Schäfer (artistic direction), Lisa Marie Zander, Marius Töpfer (architecture), Aline Winchester (project coordinator), Margit Czenki (artist). Also in the picture: Honorable Member Murat Yarayan



Author: Christoph Schäfer

CV Artist Christoph Schäfer is committed to issues relating to the urban domain, and comprises visual, spatial, performative, theoretical, and activist strategies, alchemies, drawings and dances. He engages in long-term projects in urban contexts as well as in social movements. Also known as Christoph Şerefe, Christoph Disco Schaefer, Nick Nirwana & Stüdyo Mistranslaşion.