The City is Our Factory (Book), Christoph Schäfer

The City is our Factory, by Christoph Schäfer, Leipzig 2010, 306 pages, 28 €, ISBN: 978-3-940064-95-0, Spector Books The City is Our Factory is a visual essay in 158 drawings. In six chapters, the artist Christoph Schäfer develops a rhizomatic history of the urban space: From primordial mud to the “Right to the City” movement […]

Stüdyo Mistranslaşion / Stüdyo Yanlış Çeviri / Booty Carrell / Christoph Schäfer / Cappadox 2016

  “Back in town, in an empty shop-front near the main square (the festival ‘hub’), German artist Christoph Schäfer and his compatriot DJ Booty Carrell created Stüdyo Mistranslasion. While Carrell span records from his extensive collection of Afrofuturism, Turkofuturism and 1970s Anatolian funk, Schäfer painted the walls with an acid dream of mythical creatures and flying […]

A Cloud On the Mountain that Blocks the Way | Cappadocia Struck | Uchisar Turkey 2015

A Cloud on the mountain that blocks the way, Shadowplay on Video, ca. 15 Minutes, English, filmed, produced and recorded on site in Uchisar Cappadocia, Voices: Christoph Schäfer, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan Cappadocia Struck / Cappadox 2015 curated by Fulya Erdemci and Kevser Güler “Like the exhibition, the projects of the artists were pointing at a state […]

Bostanorama: Exhibition in Hamburg, Publication by Spector Books, Edwin Scharff Award (English)

English Deutsch Christoph Schäfer Bostanorama 20 February–21 March 2015 Selekta Studio 1 Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 67 20359 Hamburg Germany   Opening: Thursday Februar 19, 20:00 Award Presentation: Senator for Culture Prof. Barbara Kisseler Laudatory Speech: Fulya Erdemci, Curator of the 13th Istanbul Biennial DJ: Jojo, Golden Pudel Klub Hamburg      Dear Mankind! At the instance of […]

Bostanorama: Edwin Scharff Preis, Ausstellung, Publikation bei Spector Books

deutsch english Eines der meistbesuchten (und getwitterten) Kunstwerke der letzten Istanbul Biennale ist das Bostanorama von Christoph Schäfer. Zeichnend und notierend streifte der Künstler 2013 durch das Istanbul vor und nach den Erschütterungen um occupygezi, um die Besetzung und gewaltsame Räumung des Gezi Parks. Jetzt zeigt der Hamburger den kompletten Zyklus aus Großzeichnungen und Tagebuchseiten […]

curated by_Vienna 2014: Sleeping Producers / Charim Galerie

Sleeping Producers curated by Matteo Lucchetti curated by_Vienna 2014: The Century of the Bed Lisl Ponger Christoph Schäfer Stephen Willats http://curatedby.at/ Opening: 02.10.2014 Charim Galerie Wien, Dorotheergasse 12, A-1010 Wien   http://www.charimgalerie.at/ Fotos: Nathan Murrell

Utopian Pulse: Salon Public Happiness – Vienna Secession

Megafonchor Foto Margit Czenki Salon Public Happiness – Bodies, Space and Media in Urban Struggles subcurated by Christoph Schäfer in the frame of Utopian Pulse – Flares in the Darkroom curated by Oliver Ressler and Ines Doujak with Videoccupy, ESSO-Häuser Film Team, Megafonchor, PlanBude, plus: Echohäuser & Der Investor by Die Goldenen Zitronen. Videoccupy (Istanbul), […]

Going Public (Istanbul Cook Book)

Can you imagine another country, where people eat together as a form of protest? The Lady next to me smiles while we indulge in shared food in a public Iftar in Yeniköy Park. More than three hundred people have gathered, an hour away from Istanbul centre by metro and minibus. More than half of the […]

Works in Collections

Image: Oh no! It’s the Monkeyman! Acrylic on paper, Narula Collection, Delhi

13th Istanbul Biennial public programme | ‘Making The City Public’

A Machine of Possibilities: the urban turn, art and the right to the city – Lecture illustrated by hand: Christoph Schäfer (conceptual artist, sparkling draughtsman, educational entertainer, urban writer and uninvited city planner). The talk will be combined with a panel with these fine urban activists and thinkers:  Dr. Betül Tanbay (Taksim Platform, academician), Yaşar […]

On Jo Ractliffe and Johannesburg Innercity Works

A continuous flow of conversations weaves through the days and the town, thoughts move between classes and continue in bars, a talk in the day might get a reply in form of a belly-dance at night, narrations from hometowns blend in, and stories from Johannesburg, Bombay, Minsk or Havanna echo in the alleys and backyards […]

Lamentation on the Destruction of Ur | Hallein, 2012

Christoph Schäfer – Lamentation on the Destruction of Ur Opening: July 19, 2012, 20.00 Intro: Jo Ractliffe Because (this) bitter dolor had been destined for my city, even if I, birdlike, had stretched my wings,and, (like a bird), flown to my city, yet my city would have been destroyed on its foundation, yet Ur would […]

Topography of the Commons | kunstwegen | 2012

Topography of the Commons is a three-piece installation [Raven Tree / Flood / Cinema] that marks three places in Samern. The elements connect the shared forest Samerrott, the border of the commons, and the farm Schulze-Holmer. Based on a local legend, the work unveils the forgotten history of resistance against the expropriation of the commons […]

Talk at Forum/Design Centrum Malmö

Technically speaking, this is a lousy video. But a fantastic talk, and an easy introduction to “The City is Our Factory”.

Video | Talk – The City is Our Factory | HfbK Hamburg 9.2.2012

Symposium “Why Design?” HfbK Hamburg 9.2.2012. A 34 Minute lecture by Christoph Schäfer on “The City is our Factory” in English. Plus a short talk with Marjetica Potric. More info on the book: here

A Portrait of Ulyanovsk, seen through it’s bars and nightclubs

Ulyanovsk Airport, Foto: Christoph Schäfer, November 2010 NOVEMBER 8: I arrive from Moscow in a Saab airplane filled with 25 men and 2 women. While our luggage is packed on a military lorry, I feel like I finally arrived in Russia. Even more so, when a young man in ironed black trousers picks me up […]

Moscow Diary | 2010

Strolling through Moscow in November, I came across the biggest billboard I have ever seen. The giant timeline is hanging right next to the Kremlin. A panorama of architectures is displayed on it. Neoliberal urban planning mimics stalinist baroque architecture, I learn, and the real estate developers emulate soviet progressivism as well. However, in the […]

Aggressive Cosiness – The Forever Young Pensioners, Ballykinlar, Northern Ireland

Embedded artists vs. interventionist residents It was in the early nineties that I discussed the term “interventionist” for the first time. Curator Sabine B. Vogel had used the term to describe the work of artists she had invited to a group show in the Vienna Secession, Oppositionen & Schwesternfelder. Dan Peterman, Joe Scanlan and the […]

Factory City – MIT Fall Lecture Series “CITY AS STAGE, CITY AS PROCESS”

http://techtv.mit.edu/videos/4174-christoph-schaefer-factory-city   September 28, 2009. The City is our Factory: Politics of desire and the production of urban spaces between Grande Latte and Park Fiction. In the new urban fabric, subcultures, cultural workers, musicians and artists play a significant role as producers of collective spaces, places shaped by desires; as inventors of new perspectives and […]

Networks of Imagination

…talk on the connection between Renaissance Explorers and Auto-Rikshaw-Drivers, Urban Imagination, Cybermohalla, Park Fiction, atelier d’architecture autogerée, Axel Claes’ work on, in, with and against the unemployment office, Liverpool, Anne Querrien and more. An inspired but somewhat lengthy talk in clumsy english, due to the fact, that the audience was totally uninterested, tired of listening […]

Park Fiction | Documenta11 | Kassel | 2002

Park Fiction organises Collective Productions of Desires for a park in Hamburg’s red light district, St.Pauli, since 1995. For more and detailed information in German as well as in English please turn to the website to the project’s website: park-fiction.net A costly building was planned here originally, but the neighborhood stopped the development in 1997. […]