Going Public (Istanbul Cook Book)

Can you imagine another country, where people eat together as a form of protest? The Lady next to me smiles while we indulge in shared food in a public Iftar in Yeniköy Park. More than three hundred people have gathered, an hour away from Istanbul centre by metro and minibus. More than half of the […]

A Portrait of Ulyanovsk, seen through it’s bars and nightclubs

Ulyanovsk Airport, Foto: Christoph Schäfer, November 2010 NOVEMBER 8: I arrive from Moscow in a Saab airplane filled with 25 men and 2 women. While our luggage is packed on a military lorry, I feel like I finally arrived in Russia. Even more so, when a young man in ironed black trousers picks me up […]

Ein Portrait von Ulyanovsk, durch seine Lokale gesehen

Ulyanovsk Airport, Foto: Christoph Schäfer, November 2010  8. November: Ich erreiche Uljanowsk von Moskau aus in einem vollbesetzten Saab-Flieger, gefüllt mit 25 Männern und 2 Frauen. Als auf dem Flugfeld unser Gepäck auf die Ladefläche eines alten Militärlasters verfrachtet wird, bekomme ich das Gefühl, endlich in Russland angekommen zu sein. Umso mehr, als am Flughafen […]

Moscow Diary | 2010

Strolling through Moscow in November, I came across the biggest billboard I have ever seen. The giant timeline is hanging right next to the Kremlin. A panorama of architectures is displayed on it. Neoliberal urban planning mimics stalinist baroque architecture, I learn, and the real estate developers emulate soviet progressivism as well. However, in the […]

Strategic Embellishment

first published in: Fight Specific Isola – Art, Activism and the Future of the City * Abbellimento Strategico – Strategic Embellishment The dream city, as it should be for a dream city, is located on an island; separated from the centre by a train station, in the shadow of a postmodern tower building, outdated already […]