urban planning

FABRIC – Planning as Platform

Christoph Schäfer has been commissioned to organize the planning process for a 13.500 square meter piece of land for the Schöpflin Stiftung in Lörrach. It is a Production of Desires and a Testing-Ground. Check out the details of this exciting new project at http://fabric.place Team: Christoph Schäfer (artistic direction), Lisa Marie Zander, Marius Töpfer (architecture), Aline Winchester (project coordinator), […]

PlanBude | Urban Planning Project | founded 2014

PlanBude – crack the St.-Pauli-Code Towards an urbanism of, by and for the many: Since October 2014 PlanBude (planning shack) collects ideas, analysis, desires and opinions for a central new building complex in St. Pauli, the ESSO-Häuser-Area (named after a popular petrol station with 24/7 shop) at Spielbudenplatz. In two containers, placed right at the […]

ContainerUni | Friedrichshafen | 2012

ContainerUni – Ein temporärer Campus der Zeppelin Universität, Christoph Schäfer, Margit Czenki und quartiervier Architekten “Nutze das Provisorium und sorge dafür, dass später alle diesem Zustand nachweinen…“ – mit diesem Slogan starteten die Künstler*innen Margit Czenki und Christoph Schäfer eine beschleunigte Wunschproduktion für einen temporären Campus der Zeppelin Universität. In Kooperation mit dem Architekturbüro quartiervier […]

ContainerUni Official Opening | Januar 2013

…und ein herzzerreißender Artikel in der Studierendenzeitschrift oszillograph der Zeppelin Universität: Keine Kompromisse. Egal, was es kostet.  

Hoang’s Bistro – Shrinking Cities, GfzK Leipzig 2005

What defines a city? Is it possible to dance critical urban theory? In this video, produced in 2005 for the exhibition “shrinking cities” in GfzK Leipzig, conceptual artist Christoph Schäfer, author of “The City is Our Factory”, dives into the secret life of shopping malls and post-modern train stations and arcades to uncover the invisble […]

Park Fiction | Documenta11 | Kassel | 2002

Park Fiction organises Collective Productions of Desires for a park in Hamburg’s red light district, St.Pauli, since 1995. For more and detailed information in German as well as in English please turn to the website to the project’s website: park-fiction.net A costly building was planned here originally, but the neighborhood stopped the development in 1997. […]