Stüdyo Mistranslaşion / Stüdyo Yanlış Çeviri / Booty Carrell / Christoph Schäfer / Cappadox 2016

  “Back in town, in an empty shop-front near the main square (the festival ‘hub’), German artist Christoph Schäfer and his compatriot DJ Booty Carrell created Stüdyo Mistranslasion. While Carrell span records from his extensive collection of Afrofuturism, Turkofuturism and 1970s Anatolian funk, Schäfer painted the walls with an acid dream of mythical creatures and flying […]

A Cloud On the Mountain that Blocks the Way | Cappadocia Struck | Uchisar Turkey 2015

A Cloud on the mountain that blocks the way, Shadowplay on Video, ca. 15 Minutes, English, filmed, produced and recorded on site in Uchisar Cappadocia, Voices: Christoph Schäfer, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan Cappadocia Struck / Cappadox 2015 curated by Fulya Erdemci and Kevser Güler “Like the exhibition, the projects of the artists were pointing at a state […]

Christoph Schäfer | CV | Works | Reviews

zur Deutschen Version Christoph Schäfer lives in Hamburg. Since the early 1990s, the artist has worked on urban everyday life and the production of spaces for and by collective desires. This interest is mirrored in a wide range of work, that often reflects and sometimes intervenes, in unusual drawings, installations and collective projects. His main […]