curated by_Vienna 2014: Sleeping Producers / Charim Galerie

Sleeping Producers curated by Matteo Lucchetti curated by_Vienna 2014: The Century of the Bed Lisl Ponger Christoph Schäfer Stephen Willats Opening: 02.10.2014 Charim Galerie Wien, Dorotheergasse 12, A-1010 Wien Fotos: Nathan Murrell

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Christoph Schäfer lives in Hamburg. Since the early 1990s, the artist has worked on urban everyday life and the production of spaces for and by collective desires. This interest is mirrored in a wide range of work, that often reflects and sometimes intervenes, in unusual drawings, installations and collective projects. His main contributions include the […]

›(Earth Tables) Iftar in Yeniköy‹, Die Zeiten, Kunstverein Friedrichshafen, 28.3.-20.4.2014

28. März, 19 h | bis 20. April ›(Earth Tables) Iftar in Yeniköy‹, 2013 eine Zeichnung von Christoph Schäfer Vor ein paar Tagen wies Margit Czenki mich auf eine Passage bei Hannah Arendt hin, die sich in “Macht und Gewalt” auf den Begriff “Public Happiness” bezog, der im 18 Jahrhundert geprägt, und von den amerikanischen […]

Promised Land – Das Versprechen der Stadt 1989

Installation, Christoph Schäfer, Cathy Skene, Diskothek Unit, Talstrasse, Hamburg St. Pauli, 1989 Two rooms, a former separée and an adjoining  lust-bath, secret rooms in the back of the acid house club Unit, were refurbished and equipped with video cameras. The images were transferred onto monitors in the disco, and vice versa, the images from the […]